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It’s Time to End The Tuberville Obstruction

Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro - Naval Academy graduate, 22 years of Navy service; Highest Rank-Commander Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall - West Point graduate, 11 years of Army service; Highest rank-Lt. Colonel  Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth - Williams College graduate, No military service, 14-year career in the Department of Defense.  Tommy Tuberville - Southern Arkansas University graduate, No military service, No prior public service before election to US Senate in 2020.  Senator Tuberville is in no position to decide the fate of military personnel other than the advice and consent role granted to the body of the US Senate.  Nor does he have the authority, moral or otherwise, to disparage the credentials of the persons highlighted above.  The Senator needs to end his 9-month obstruction that constitutes a threat to our national security. The President already sent a message by not moving the headquarters of the United States Space Force to Huntsville, Alab

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