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The Reparation Plan, Part 2 - Individual Development Accounts

 In the first plan, I targeted increasing endowments at HBCUs. In the second plan, we talk about money to individuals. This is the plan that most public officials are afraid of: giving Blacks folks checks. That fear was exaggerated in one of the funniest sketches of The Dave Chappelle Show. You can click the  link here.  This plan does not encourage every African American to get a check. As stated in the previous blog, to be equitable, the US Government would have to come up with $97 trillion to distribute amongst 41.1 million African Americans to accomplish that. The reality is that 46 percent of African Americans make at least $50,000 a year and the wealth gap between the richest African Americans and the poorest African Americans is the widest of any ethnic group. Although for every $100 a White American makes, an African American only makes $5, the disparity cannot be made up by increases in income alone, especially since over 20 percent of the African American workforce is employe

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