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The question

So what are we going to do now? States are doing their best to roll back advances in election reform throughout the country. Corporate leaders are speaking out against this legislation. Civil rights organizations are suing to stop this legislation. Legislators are being arrested protesting this legislation. So again, I ask the question: what are we going to do now? We, the average American citizens, cannot be totally apathetic about these bills being passed by legislatures controlled by people who want to limit access to democracy. They are also the same people who want to control people's identity, people's bodies and people's right to assemble and protest. That translates to our identities, our bodies, our rights to assemble and protest. It is too easy for us in the democratic republic form of government this nation-state created with the US Constitution to let others do the work, raise their voices and take the literal and figurative blows. We don't have that luxury

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