So What?


I saw this headline: "Biden voters say more motivated to stop Trump than to support president." It was based off of a poll that said 50 percent of Biden voters were voting to stop Donald Trump from becoming president again rather than supporting President Biden's policies and performance. Only 38 percent of Biden voters were voting for Biden because they wholeheartedly support Biden.

My immediate reaction was: So what?

The bottom line for me is that on November 5, 2024, Trump fails at another attempt to be President of the United States again. This country cannot handle another day of the twice impeached, criminally indicted, sexual offending grifter (and wannabe dictator) in office.

If that description of Donald Trump sounds harsh or offensive, then I have achieved my objective. Donald John Trump, Sr. has done everything he can to disrupt and discredit the political process on a narcissistic whim. He had four years to rise to the occasion and serve the nation with dignity and respect, and he failed in spectacular fashion.

His lack of humility and false bravado cost Americans jobs, financial stability, and, for far too many, their lives. Our standing in the world diminished and his fiscal priority, massive tax cuts for the wealthy (his peers), led to our eventual credit downgrade by Moody's and Fitch, respectively.

We were on "Infrastructure Week" watch for four years under the Trump administration, while President Biden actually got Congress to pass, and fund, the legislation. But if people are voting out of fear and disgust against Trump more so than supporting the man who has restored some professionalism back to the White House, then so be it. I know that is a Machiavellian way of thinking, but if Trump becomes a loser again, then the ends would justify the means in this case.

Trump (referred to as TFG in many circles) has doubled down on his fascistic rhetoric and his ardent supporters have started implementing the first phase of the plan that would end democracy in America: Project 2025. Now I know many people think that last sentence was strictly hyperbole, but I personally don't want any American to see if I am right or not.

So if you want to vote for President Biden to have another four years and continue the progress his administration has made, awesome! If you want to vote for President Biden to ensure we have a democracy on January 20, 2025, and that is your sole motivating factor, great! If you want to vote for President Biden just so Trump doesn't win, I'm down for that as well.

Just vote for the Biden-Harris ticket on November 5, 2024. Generations of Americans will be glad that you did, for whatever reason.


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