Are you serious?

Chip Saltsman, a former Tennessee GOP chair, has put his credentials to be the next national GOP chair into question by standing up for something that really should have gone without comment.

Seems as though some ingenious Repubs sent out a "holiday" CD entitled "Barack the Magic Negro" (yes, it is set to "Puff the Magic Dragon") to members under the guise of political satire. Saltsman, who probably would have been better served not being heard of outside of Nashville, decided to defend the CD, saying he would not pander to double-standards of the national media. He also stated in the same breath that the GOP should be a party of unity and inclusion.

Give me a break.

If you want to be a unifying factor in American politics, let's evolve from this fracturing style of politics and start promoting issues and policies that will define us. But unfortunately, that is asking too much from those that offer so little. Numbers don't lie, and the numbers from the Southern states proves that this style of satire is acceptable in political dialogue, especially from the GOP.

In other words, Dennis Green was right, "they are who we thought they were."


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