As I get ready to play Santa for some adopted children today, I have to reflect on how grateful I am for where I am now. I am first grateful for my new wife, who with her creative spirit, gentle soul and settled nature, she has given me a security and a friendship that I truly need in this transitional time in my life. She is what a soul mate should be and I am glad she is a part of my life.

I am grateful for my son, who with his brilliance that is daily developing and his gentle, yet adventurous nature, has given me the joy of being a father that just a decade ago I did not think I was going to experience. Now that my political career has taken a less active turn, it is time now to spend more time with him and develop an even stronger bond with him.

I am grateful for my parents, who despite financial and health challenges that many middle class families are experiencing, especially in their later years, they are active and loving and as optimistic as ever. They have been supportive to me as only parents can be and have been my conscience when things were muddled.

I am grateful for my friends who truly know me as I am, not the public persona that I have to convey in my professional life. They have been my coach when I was down, and have been my best cheerleaders when I was up. They have even made things move when I think I have hit a dead end. I can never thank you enough and my loyalty toward you all will never waver.

Finally, I am grateful to God for being my protector and provider, especially now. My faith has been my strength throughout my life, even in its darkest moments. It was Dr. King that said only in the darkness can one see the stars. Well, it was God that put those stars there and those stars remind me of goals to continue to reach and causes that need to be still fought.

His grace and mercy has given me a chance to continue my work and His plan for me is still unfolding. No weapon that is formed against me, nor any person that stands against me, shall prosper or prevail. The prophet Micah reminds those that define themselves as enemies not to rejoice, for I will rise again.

Gratefulness is almost a lost human element in this disposable society we live in. I encourage those who read this to take the time to acknowledge what they are grateful for and to continue to fight for what they love and believe in.


  1. Security in this transitional phase of your life, that says it all...

  2. Actually YB, it should speak volumes...I am thinking of a Michael Jackson song...Man in the Mirror, maybe...

  3. Being honestly grateful, certainly not what you see when you look in a mirror...Deceiful,yes...grateful,no...

  4. It is my honest belief, YB, that you would not get it or me, if it hit you with a Mack truck. I express and define my feelings. Since you cannot a grip on yours, it is not your place to try to re-write things for your benefit. The more you lash out, the more apparent that the right decision was made and for that I am truly grateful that my discernment is right on target.

  5. Lieing up until the very day is hardly expressing or defining your feelings. Yes, you apologized (although I doubt it was sincere), but that does not suddenly make the hurt & pain go away. You need to be aware of how you make others feel...
    We both know that, with time, things will change and you will rethink the "right" decision. I don't have to get "it", and no one is lashing out nor is anyone re-writing things, you just need to be honest with your readers about your ability to hurt people to get what you want...


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