I think Obama will be ok....

...and here is why. Yesterday, the whole island of Oahu went black. A major power outage took the island by surprise, except for a certain family that happens to be vacationing there. Can we say the next First Family?

The Obama residence had full power within minutes of the outage, according to reports. If the President-elect can have full power if an entire island has a blackout, that also happens to be the capital of a state, just imagine if something happened in Washington, DC.

The President, as well as the Federal Government, has fail-safes in place for any type of attack to allow the government to function. Yesterday was a test on one of those fail-safes if the President was not in DC. Thanks Oahu for playing. Your slight inconvenience proved that the government can still function in a crisis and that the fears of many in this nation should be at ease.

There were people during the election that were concerned about Obama's safety. One should be more concerned about theirs, considering 70 people have been murdered in Jackson, MS alone, most by friends and acquaintances, with a few days left in 2008.

In a few days, Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States. He will be the most protected human being in the United States. Our concerns should be directed in how he governs, our faith should dictate that he will be allowed to govern.

Now I know my little opinion cannot ease all of the fears of millions of Americans, but I would hope that sound arguments like this one will help reassure folks that the people have spoken and their wishes will be protected at all costs.

I have faith, do you?


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