My Blog's first WTF moment

Did I hear the news right today when they said that Drew Peterson was engaged to be married again? Now I know I caught some of my friends off guard when I said I was engaged and re-married, but I am not under investigation for killing a third wife and the fourth wife is missing!

WTF is this girl thinking? Is she suicidal? Is her self-esteem that low? You mean to tell me that in the Chicago area, they were no other bachelors that had a little less baggage? Why would a 23-year-old female date a guy who has been through four wives and he is not Donald Trump?

Congratulations to Congresswoman Solis on her appointment to Labor Secretary, as that is the big real news story of the day and let me give an honorable WTF mention to Ole Miss Basketball Coach Adam Kennedy on his alleged assault of a cab driver in Cincinnati early this morning.

However, it is really a Springer moment when any woman in her right mind would date Drew Peterson, let alone commit to marry him, when his current wife is still missing! Word is that her parents are trying to talk her out of it. If they succeed, they should be considered early contenders for parents of the year.

Now if I was a prosecutor, and I saw my main suspect, the husband, in a missing person/possible homicide investigation was trying to marry someone else when his current wife has not been found, would you blame me if my suspicion was raised to red alert?

Again, WTF!


  1. No one really knows what Drew Peterson is saying or doing to lure this young lady. Perhaps, he is saying what she wants to hear,rather than being honest with her. I'm sure you know that people say & do whatever is convenient for them without thinking about who they will hurt along the way, especially when it comes to marriage. Sound familiar

  2. First of all, he is on the news every day. She lives in the area where the incidents occurred. Sweet talking is not that powerful. So no that does not sound familiar.

  3. Sometimes,words,especially expressed in a certain manner can be used to create myths and dishonesty. One knows when they are misleading and intending to hurt someone else. I do have some examples...


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