Plans for the new year

Now that I have recovered from the 2008 election and have re-settled into married life again, I look at 2009 as the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I will always keep my eye out for political opportunities, but as for now, it is time for me to do some things I have set out to do for some time.

First, I am going to re-learn Spanish. My work at the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance proved to me that it is essential to improve on my Spanish-speaking skills. If I can master Spanish before the end of the year I may try my hand learning another language, either Arabic, Hebrew or Chinese.

Second, I am going to finish my book. It started out as just written versions of my speeches but I think I want to delve into that a little more and let people know a little more about me. Not a total autobiography but a review about a significant part of my adult life. It won't be a long tome but I hope it will be a good short read that will offer some inspiration.

Third, as I seek out permanent employment in this recession, I will be on the speaking circuit throughout the year. If you would like to book me as a speaker, you can call 601-783-0173 to make the arrangements. I will also do more blog and column writing (look in the Jackson Advocate and the Jackson Free Press). If everything goes right, I also plan to put together a radio talk show before the end of the year. My web site,, will still be up but look for changes as we move from politician mode to concerned citizen of the world.

I hope everyone has a joyous holiday season and I wish that your 2009 will be as rewarding and productive as I intend mine to be.


  1. Erik I just want to say that I am proud of you and your commitment to making Mississippi better. Remember you always have cheap/free labor with me, Rob, and anybody else we can find!!! When you write your articles for the Advocate and Free Press remember the issue of motorcycle safety!!!

    Stay faithful, stay strong, stay tough, and stay political!!!


  2. All the best for the New Year. I pray you master the Spanish language and then move on the Chinese (my preference). The book is an awesome idea (you can include some of your thoughts on the 2008 election and it's impact in MS). Also, I may touch base with you soon about a speaking engagement for our youth.

  3. Congratuations on the changes you plan to make in 2009. Don't forget to repeat an ethics class on honesty. Please do this before writing the book so it can be a true indication of the type of person you really are...

  4. YB: The essence of the book is going to be a true indication of who I am because I am writing it. No need for any refresher courses, but thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Quite often, in writings, people portray themselves as they would like to be seen, not as they truly are...


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