Are you ready for some...political theater?

As we all anxiously await Super Bowl XLIII, with the $3 million commercials, Springsteen concert and, of course, the actual game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers, we can thank IL Governor Rod Blagojevich for providing us some pre-game entertainment.

Today, Blago will provide us up to 90 minutes of grand political theater as he makes his last hurrah before the Illinois State Senate. Now this is the same guy who said that he was not going to participate in this "kangaroo court", which he affectionately calls the current impeachment proceedings. Blago, I guess, has exhausted every media outlet that would host him and now is going to give his farewell address before the IL Senate inevitably removes him from office later on today.

Rod has had a good run. In these last defining weeks, he did have a victory, thumbing his nose at the powers-that-be and getting his appointment to the U.S. Senate, my friend Roland Burris, seated. But today, this story turns the page, reaching its ultimate climax with the governor holding center stage for the last time.

It should be entertaining as well as defiant. I hope C-SPAN shows the whole 90 minutes. Never before has an Illinois Governor been impeached and removed from from office, so this is a historic event on its own. However, Blago's flair for the dramatic should make this a memorable occasion. After all, he is comparing himself to Gandhi and Mandela.

It is not clear exactly what time the theatrics will begin, but when it starts, I want to see every gesture and hear every word. The climax is always the most captivating part of a tragedy, and I am sure Blagojevich will not disappoint in that regard. He can't afford to, since he already has disappointed us enough as a public servant.

As Terrell Owens would say, "Get your popcorn ready."


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