WTF Moment #2

This moment is brought to you by the division of divorce settlements. For the first time in American legal history, a Latino man in New York State is asking for a unique settlement from his estranged wife. He is asking for his kidney back.

That's right, his kidney! He gave his wife one of his kidneys as he was the best match for her when she needed a transplant. Now that they are getting divorced, he wants that kidney back. If he does not or cannot get that organ returned, he will accept a payment of $100,000 in lieu of the kidney. I know how hard it is to get a wedding or engagement ring back, so good luck on the kidney.

If this does not qualify as a case for marriage counseling, I don't know what does. I do not have any other particulars in the case, like whether adultery was involved for example, but it is a sign that if your kidney was a perfect match for your spouse, then maybe it was meant to be that you were suppose to be together 'til death intervenes. I wonder what those folks that are concerned about the sanctity of marriage would say about this case.

I am sure that the judge adjudicating the divorce will not grant that motion, but you never know in this day and age. All I can say is that marriage should mean more than a legalized date or a disposable relationship, and no divorce should be this petty. It is my hope that this couple can come to some amicable terms and part ways peacefully or somehow work out their differences and reconcile.

Until then, this is a classic WTF moment.


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