Taking up our mantle

2 Kings 2:1-12, Psalm 50:1-6, 2 Corinthians 4:3-6, Mark 9:2-9

In these days of despair, it is the proper time for us to take up the mantle, or charge, of our Christian faith. We were given a Great Commission to proclaim the Gospel all over the earth, and in everything that we do.

Instead, we let the troubles of the world cloud our judgement and blind us from God's glory. That is when we have to go to our instruction manual, The Holy Bible, and read. That is when we have to go to our secret place and pray.

In these dire moments on earth, we can please God by showing our thanks to Him, for our good health, for living another day, for family and friends, for being the ultimate provider for us. It is that acknowledgement of His good works which God appreciates and reciprocates.

As long as we are thankful, we will be blessed. As long as we are faithful, we are able to be thankful, therefore we will be blessed. As long as we are focused on God and our mission on this earthly journey, we are able to be faithful, which allows us to be thankful, and in return, we will be blessed.

It is a simple equation, or formula, for success. So simple, but yet we disregard it when we lose our focus. An example is when Job lost his hedge of protection from God and Satan took everything from him, except his wife. Job's wife, who had been faithful, lost focus and even urged Job to curse God for their misfortune. But Job did not lose focus. He remained faithful and thankful, and God blessed him sevenfold.

Job was not a superhuman, but an ordinary man who had attained wealth through his hard work and faithfulness. However, he understood that his wealth was not in earthly riches, but in the favor of God. Because of that faithfulness, Job was awarded prosperity and comfort.

Our help comes from God. Our faithfulness and our thanksgiving keeps us in favor with God. Our focus is our key to attaining salvation from God. Take up the mantle and stay focused on Him from which comes our help.


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