Yesterday was a good day

A day after my first Valentine's Day with the new wife, I spent some quality time with my son, in which he commenced to beat my brains out in video games like 'Alien Hominoid' and some incarnation of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Before that one-sided affair, we attended church, where the assistant pastor gave the sermon.

He had an inspiring word yesterday, despite the fact that he is working more hours at his 9-to-5 job and he was really looking tired. Goes to prove that when you have a word from the Lord, He will give you the strength needed to carry forth the message. I was so inspired by the sermon Sunday that it gave me the idea I had been looking for to write my new book. Look for it in the coming months.

By the way, my goal to re-learn Spanish has been sidetracked a bit as I have been working hard to find gainful employment in this recession and keeping this blog current, but I still believe by the end of 2009, I will be fluent in the language. My Facebook duties have also kept my mind from turning into mush, and I am thankful for all the love I receive there daily.

Anyway, back to yesterday. After dropping my son off early at his mother's, so they could do some shopping, I drove to one of the local radio stations that has a weekly talk show on Sundays, just on a whim. When I got there, the guest host was smiling from ear-to-ear, because he thought he would have to do the show solo. He, a former House colleague of mine, likes it whenever I am on the show, because we can get into all sorts of topics to discuss politically. We had a blast for two hours, talking about the stimulus package, the legislative session and the local political races.

Afterwards, I hung out with my friend who has been battling breast cancer for the last couple of years. We started a foundation together last year called the Rebirth Foundation. Its mission is to help women with breast cancer, specifically those women that have the Her2 gene, which makes the cancer more aggressive. A select population of Jewish and African-American women have the gene, however it is not widely discussed in the network of breast cancer awareness. Our job is to make sure that discussion happens.

We caught up a little bit, talked about her new book, which will be released this year, and discussed plans and goals for the upcoming months. One goal is to get back on the golf course with her husband, since both of us are left-handed golfers. Lefties have to stick together.

When I got home, I had a quiet dinner with my wife and then fell asleep together in the middle of a 'House' marathon on USA Network. It was a good day.

I think it is important to enjoy the good days and cherish them. In my life, as hectic as it has been over the last decade, one does not get those moments often, let alone whole days, that just remind you of why this earthly experience is suppose to be an enjoyable one.

It is back to the grind this morning of job-seeking, networking, learning and writing. It is not so hard though after being re-energized from having a good day.


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