My $50,000 a week rant

A Swedish countess wants to divorce a chairman of a Fortune 500 company. She wants to continue to live her lifestyle which includes limo service, beauty treatments and maintenance of several homes throughout the globe.

She believes she is entitled to $50,000 a week. I will not reveal their names, as they have gotten enough name recognition already with their sordid details revealed in court papers. Nor should I reward them for their repugnant behavior.

In this time of global economic chaos, this woman who was guaranteed $38 million in a post-nuptial agreement, now claims she was coerced and wants $100 million. What a bunch of bull! This explains the mindset of people who feel that they are entitled to things instead of earning them. I can see having a place in the states and one home in Sweden, I'll give her that, but do you have to have limo service, do you have to have beauty treatments? Whatever!

Whoever is the judge in this case, please hurry up and settle this so we won't have to be reminded about these greedy jerks and the greedy women who marry them, when I, and others, are making life impacting decisions at our kitchen tables.


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