Accepting challenges

I believe that in life you have to accept challenges, despite the naysayers and the critics. If you stay static and safe, you will never fully enjoy the life that God entrusted you with. This is not a license to live a life full of danger and sinful behavior, but your life should never be bland.

All my my life I have taken those challenges, like running for the United States Senate twice. Despite the odds, and the ultimate results, it was a great learning experience to has helped me grow professionally and personally. I learned about my limitations and capabilities, as well as my level of maturity.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that I am 44 years old. But when I look back at my life, and all those challenges I accepted, just remembering the place I was mentally some 25 years ago seems like an eternity away. I have learned to be friendly with my enemies and careful with my friends. I have learned to dream big and not be discouraged in failure.

I don't expect everyone to agree with my decisions, nor do I even expect them to continue to be my friend based on decisions I make. However, I must be comfortable in those challenges and make sure that they do not compromise my core beliefs. It is alright to go after the unattainable prize, but it is never okay to forget who you are, or to whom you belong to, to seek that prize.

These last few months have been a brief test in humility, love, perseverance and loyalty. These next two months will be a test of endurance and courage. I am ready for this challenge because I am prepared.

The Apostle Paul once said that suffering builds character. I can testify to that. But I am proud of my journey so far and I look forward to the next challenge.


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