Don't discourage the spirit

I heard a story this morning about a young girl, who is a Girl Scout, finding an ingenious way to sell her cookies. This budding entrepreneur decided, with the help of her dad, to set up a site on Ebay to meet her quota of cookie sales. Normally, parents take the order forms to work and church and get the necessary sales. I commend the young lady for her creativeness.

However, not every one shares my sentiment, especially the other parents of this young lady's Girl Scout troop. They complained to somebody, I assume the central office for that city or state, and the young lady had to pull her site off of Ebay. That is unfortunate. If parents have a natural network to get sales, why would you care if one of the scouts used the new technology to help her out? This was just jealousy, plain and simple. The younger folks refer to them as "haters".

We all encounter these haters, but it is really bad in these groups that are suppose to benefit our children. We have all seen the bad behavior in Little League and Pee Wee Football. We have seen it in school candy sales and Boy Scout popcorn sales. These groups and activities are suppose to be building the character and encouraging the spirit of our youth. When parents behave badly or employ the "hater" card, what lessons are they suppose to learn from that?

I hate that some adults are shallow like that, but it is what it is. I would encourage those that can be reached to get out of the mindset that would discourage the spirit of our young folks when they show creativity and initiative. In other words, stop drinking the "hater-ade."


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