The end of trust and talent in America

I am disturbed about what is going on. We have reached a crisis in America which I believe is beyond repair. We have lost our trust in one another and we don't value the people we have at our disposal.

There have been a number of personal experiences recently that have made me come to this conclusion. Since I have been given the privilege of knowledge with an agreement of confidentiality, I cannot divulge details. However, based on what I know, it is evidence that the trust and the value of others have eroded.

We used to respect people for their talents and reward them with the opportunity to utilize them to the fullest capacity. With the advent of this disposable society, those talents are undervalued and under appreciated. Those who make the sacrifices to achieve are mistrusted for their success and despised for their confidence.

It is definitely apparent in all walks of life, but even more so in the political arena. In politics, if the talented are treated like trash, the inmates get to run the asylum. If that is the trend in American politics, the future of our democracy looks as bleak as our current economic system. However, the government can't attempt to bail us out of this one, nobody is talented or trusted enough to do it.


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