Exodus 20:1-17, Psalm 19, 1 Corinthians 1:18-25, John 2:13-22

It used to be a time when God did not give us a lot of leeway. If we did not worship Him, He promised to punish us and our children for at least four generations, however, if we did worship Him, he promised to bless our families for a thousand generations.

But then He sent His son, Jesus Christ, whom we destroyed through crucifixion. Three days later, Christ's resurrection, and eventually ascension into Heaven, provided us with the cover we needed from a wrathful God. Christ's love for us gave us the forgiveness from God we needed to grow as human beings to be able to understand and love God.

In the past, if we did not fear God from the moment of cognition, we were doomed to be devoid of His blessing. Now, we have time to accept God as God, to live a life worthy of His blessing. In other words, we have a chance to get our act together, even when we do stuff that is not worthy of God's blessing. We can be redeemed.

We, as human beings, have defiled our bodies, our Earth and our church. In the past, those transgressions would condemn us with no mercy. Now, because of Jesus Christ, we can retain the favor of God and be blessed. However, we still must believe, we just have a little more time to come around.

There is an eventual reward for belief in God, but there are immediate benefits as well. Peace of mind, confidence, courage and a greater understanding of our purpose are some of those benefits. In these uncertain times, those are commodities that are invaluable.

I am glad God is now more forgiving and I am thankful to Jesus Christ for His grace and mercy that makes it so.


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