Obama in prime time

It is obvious which setting the President is the most comfortable with. Last night, on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, President Obama showed the serious, yet approachable side of him that the voters fell in love with in the campaign of 2008.

He was so relaxed in that format that he even let slip a comparison of his bowling prowess with that of a Special Olympian, which he quickly apologized for. Obama is a very human President, who does not like "the Bubble" that insulates him from the rest of the world. Prior to his West Coast trip, he invited ESPN into the White House to broadcast his bracket for the NCAA Tournament. He fought to maintain his personal Blackberry so he could stay in touch with his close friends.

Obama does not want to be the stuffy administrator of the nation. He is more at-home being the guy next door given the awesome responsibility of running the country, and with a little help from his 300 million neighbors, he will do what is asked of him.

Many of the Beltway reporters took umbrage to his comparison of Washington, thus they pounced on the Special Olympics gaffe just to put him in his place. Nevertheless, the President spoke the truth about Washington and will take more opportunities in his presidency to do what he did last night, find a venue where he can be in his element.

It is something the Beltway pundits will have to get use to during these next four years. It is how he got to the White House in the first place. Obama is the ready for prime time President.


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