Thoughts after the break

After writing a hundred posts already, I took a break yesterday. My mind did not and I have a couple of items I want to address.

One, the police officer in Dallas, Robert Powell, who stopped Houston Texans running back Ryan Moats and his family for running a red light as they were hurrying to attend the bed side of his dying mother-in-law, should never be allowed to be a law enforcement officer ever again. We ask people to serve and protect their communities. It does not give you a license to go on a power trip.

Because Powell was white and Moats was Black, many people want to believe that this was a blatant case of racial profiling. Listening to the tape and the interview of the deputy superintendent over Powell, I just believe we have a guy whose ego is attached to his badge. I honestly believe that if Moats was white, Powell still would have been the same ass he was on March 17th.

It was petty to detain a driver that said he was going to the hospital for an emergency in the hospital parking lot, but to then lecture him on how he should have showed respect to you was asinine. When a nurse and a hospital security show up to say let him go, you, Mr. Powell, should have let him go at that moment.

If your judgement and sensibility is that impaired, you are not worthy of being a member of the law enforcement community.

The other thing on my mind is this notion that the Federal Government is going to guarantee the warranties of GM and Chrysler cars. I understand that the President is trying to provide some financial leverage for those automakers to keep the doors open, but I think this spells out that GM and Chrysler are no longer viable as independent companies.

This action comes after the ouster of GM CEO Rick Wagoner on the suggestion of the President. As President Obama attends the G20 Summit this week, he should seriously think about the reality of a merger between GM and Chrysler. It seems like now the only viable solution.


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