Warner stays

Sudanese President Bashir was indicted on war crimes by the Hauge today. The Supreme Court ruled that drug companies cannot hide behind FDA approval today. Two major victories for those who stand for human rights and dignity. I wanted to acknowledge those events before I got into a lighter, but significant, subject.

The Arizona Cardinals, two minutes and thirty-eight seconds away from winning Super Bowl XLIII, re-signed the quarterback that got them there, Kurt Warner. Warner, who in the 2007 season was the back-up, will get a guaranteed $19 million, over a two-year period. The total contract is worth $23 million.

It is significant because the Cardinals organization have been notorious in their lack of building and maintaining a competitive franchise, whether it was in St. Louis or Phoenix. The Bidwell family were the poster children for owners who were more concerned with revenue than they were with winning. Then their team played in the Super Bowl. Their signing of Warner proves that they get it.

There are a couple of more pieces to secure like wide receiver and running back, but the leader, the grizzled veteran, is back. Warner, in his storybook career, has played in three Super Bowls, and has the three highest passing yardage games in Super Bowl history. In other words, when Warner makes the Super Bowl, he lives up to the hype.

He is the presence that this young contender needs to continue their push to win a championship. I am glad the Bidwells rose above everybody's low expectations and secured Warner.


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