Working through adversity

When you go through some adversity in your life, may I suggest a couple of things. First, remember a moment that was tough for you in the past and how you persevered through that.

My moment was when I played baseball in Chicago. I played first base for a team that lost every game we played for two straight years! It was not the fact that we totally sucked, but more or less the ball did not bounce our way. We gave it everything we had, but we always managed to come up on the short end.

Nevertheless, the nucleus of the team hung together. We kept pushing ourselves to improve. Then our moment happened. We played a predominately white team from the suburbs at the beginning of our third year. Everything just suddenly clicked and we demolished them. From that point on, we went on the win our division that season and the league championship.

Those same lovable losers now were champions, with the same core players we started with two seasons earlier. Our perseverance was rewarded. We overcame the odds and stayed focused on our goal.

If all of us could remember those moments, we should know that no challenge is impossible to conquer. The other thing is to focus on the One who can lay mountains low and make crooked places straight. The One who made the heavens and the earth. The One who is Alpha and Omega. Whenever adversity rears its ugly head, we must always keep our heads focused on the One from which comes our help.

As we acknowledge our own strength and the One who gives us strength, we have the weapons needed to triumph over any adversity thrown into our path.


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