Glimmers of hope and concern

President Obama referred to the current slight upturn in the economy as a glimmer of hope, which is more positive than he has been in recent months. However, he is right to only offer a glimmer because we are seeing a new world of economics evolving.

Case in point, people are getting a real shock as they are finding out that their credit is being slashed even thought they have not done anything but pay their bills. I have written about this before, but it is shocking to me that in a consumer driven economy, the credit companies are single-handily reducing the wealth of the nation and limiting spending power when a boost is needed.

If the government does not step in to strongly regulate these credit card companies, these companies will continue to reek havoc on this economy and the consumers this economy needs to have to fully recover.

Other concerns:
As stated before at the beginning of the year, the drug war in Mexico and the piracy off the Somalian coast were going to be the biggest issues of the year. So far that has come true and is affecting Americans. President Obama must act decisively and swiftly to control these threats or it could prove to be a thorn is his administration like the Iranian hostage crisis negatively impacted on President Carter's administration.

Finally, a personal note.

What is it going to take to get people to stop driving drunk? The latest victim: a young man who earlier in the evening had fulfilled a lifelong dream, pitching six shutout innings in a major league baseball game. Nick Adenhart died because a man named Andrew Thomas Gallo decided to become a lethal weapon by driving while intoxicated.

When I was a legislator, I successfully passed a bill that stated if a person is killed or injured as the result of an accident caused by a drunk driver, that drunk driver must post bail to be released. A year earlier, a drunk driver killed five children in an accident in Madison County, MS and the judge released the driver on his own recognisance. I was outraged that a judge felt that a man who used poor judgement to get into that tragic situation could be trusted to walk out of jail without bail.

Now I am satisfied that no one will ever be allowed that privilege again. If you drive drunk, you should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. You are a danger to society as a whole when you get behind the wheel drunk. Any danger to society must be taken off the streets.


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