Moats moving on

Ryan Moats is use to being watched and getting media attention. He is a professional football player. But now he is gathering attention for something he had not planned. Moats was the young black man that was detained by former Dallas Police officer Robert Powell on March 17 as he was driving his wife to the hospital to spend the last moments of his mother-in-law's life at her bedside.

As the world knows now, Powell stopped Moats for running a red light and detained them in the hospital parking lot. Moats' wife left the car and made it to her mother's bedside, but Moats did not. As of today, Powell has resigned and Moats is ready to move on.

Most of us would have been thinking about how we spend the money we would get in a lawsuit by now. Not Moats. He doesn't even want to meet with Powell face-to-face. He and his wife said in an interview that nothing can bring back that moment in time, so it is time to move on. They have expressed forgiveness for the act and toward Powell. They haven't even filed a formal complaint with the Dallas Police Department.

They are glad that the community has responded to this injustice and would encourage that people remain vigilant against these type of incidents. But the Moats' are ready to continue living their life as they want to, not to be solely defined by this moment in time.

Many people were pleased with the way Ryan Moats handled himself during the ordeal. Now we know that this was not an act. It is obvious that he has a deep spiritual core and that inner strength is carrying him and his family through. I am sure though that the next linebacker he runs into will experience some release of his tension, after all he is only human. And that is the way it should be.

Kudos to the Moats family for the class they have shown as they move forward. I offer my prayers and condolences to the family.


  1. I like your blog. I did have a few things to say about the Moats & Powell encounter. I really felt sorrowful for the family and Mr. Moats. From my understanding, he was so close to his mother-in-law, that such a closeness others should strive to attain.

    I am happy that there were no hateful sentiments coming from the family towards the police department...again speaking to the class and nobility of the family. I think they are shining exemplars of a loving, strong, and caring family.

    I did want the officer to remain on the force. I know this will ruffle feathers, but I believe if there is an uncouth, unruly behavior that needs to be flushed out and eradicated, it can be done from the inside. Who better to point out incorruptibility than someone who does so with ease and with little remorse.

    I think this officer should be a banner child for all verbally abusive, unprofessional, and inconsiderate officers. Resigning does not help the problem at large. And I do believe that emotional, verbal abuse can do a grave disservice to a people who lives and abides by the laws of the land. At no time should the laws stifle a voice or cause trepidation in a people doing what they feel is right.

    The actions of this officer only show how easily an entire family could form a natural dislike/disrespect for tax-paid public servants. If you add those sentiments to a neighborhood, then to a community at large, you have immeasurable disdain for officials.

    While other people could serve the public far better than Powell, he should serve to bring down that infectious element in police agencies throughout the nation in order to restore semblance of expressed appreciation and need for the public servants in the capacity of law enforcement.


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