The moment of a lifetime

They say that first impressions are lasting. This is President Obama's first impression as the leader of the free world overseas. He will sit down with all of the most powerful leaders of the world today and tomorrow as he attends the G20 Summit.

While many are concerned about what Michelle Obama will wear while having tea with the Queen of England, most of us will be following what comes out of the summit. Will we reach better relations with Russia and China? Can we rebuild the coalition that was damaged during the Iraqi War? Will the President get the other financial leaders to continue stimulating their respective economies?

So far, so good. There is optimism abound and there is a genuine sense of good will leading up to the summit, but once the talks begin, we will see what happens. This is the magic moment many of us that supported Obama have been waiting for. We'll see if he can deliver in this grand stage.


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