WTF #3

I was in a quandary about which WTF moment I wanted to expound upon: The Kutcher-CNN Twitter-off or the Domino's Pizza employee of the month video. After finding out that the Twitter contest, which was who could get 1 million followers first, was a charity event to bring awareness to the malaria problem around the world, I was cool with that event.

So my outrage can now be solely focused on the two nitwits in Domino's Pizza outfits that decided it was funny to put dried snot balls in sandwiches, videotape it and post it on YouTube. Now I know why Sen. John Stennis did not want C-SPAN in the U.S. Senate, some people don't need to be on television, or in this case, the Internet.

They said it was just an innocent prank. Well, that innocent prank cost them their jobs and may have cost Domino's Pizza future business and excessive health inspections. It is never cool to play with people's food, especially mine. We all have had fears about rebellious waiters and fast-food personnel doing grotesque things with our orders, and this video just confirmed those fears.

To say that these "workers" were stupid would be giving them a compliment. When people are dying eating products with pistachios and peanuts in them, and the U.S. Congress trying to make major decisions about regulating food safety in this country, the timing of this prank could not have been worse.

I hope the people in the restaurant industry across America take a good look at the video and remember these idiots' faces, for they should never be allowed to work in that industry again. This is a WTF moment that people will remember for a long time and may have lasting effects long after these fools stretch out their fifteen minutes of infamy.


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