It is bigger than you because you were chosen

Acts 10:44-48, Psalm 98, 1 John 5:1-6, John 15:9-17

Have you ever noticed when certain events happen in your life, how they just fall into place? It just seems like as you start worrying about stuff, things tend to work out, with or without your input? That is a clear sign that this life on earth is bigger than you. It is bigger than you because you were chosen to have favor with God.

When you are chosen, and you stop resisting your enlistment, you develop a certain insight, a distinct discernment if you will. You can see the pieces of life's puzzle come together, all you have to do is trust in God and stand out of the way.

You can visualize things in your sleep because your steps are ordered. Despite your worrying and panic, things work out for the best. When you acknowledge this, then you have peace within yourself and your faith is strengthened.

As long as we love one another, we can see the Spirit that dwells within others. When we discern that Spirit in others, we can trust them to do the right thing, for they are also driven by their love and their faith. Guidance is expected, but a heavy hand is not needed. A hand more powerful than yours has already been applied.

Remember when Jesus Christ died on the cross, it was a fulfillment of a promise made out of love. The people closest to Him were distraught until they were reminded of that promise. In the end, it all worked out and their faith was strengthened, thus preparing them to receive the Holy Spirit. Once they received the anointing, they were able to carry out the mission they were chosen to do.

In essence, if you look at things and tasks with your own mortal eyes, you will think that things will not work out and you become afraid of failure. Once you realize it is bigger than you, and you apply your faith, a failure in your mind becomes a huge victory in reality.

Since we are chosen, it is not about you. Accept it and watch God work it out.


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