More powerful than death or greed

2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27, Wisdom of Solomon 1:13-15; 2:23-24, Psalm 130 , Psalm 30, Lamentations 3:23-33, 2 Corinthians 8:7-15, Mark 5:21-43

As the previous week is being absorbed by those of us who are mere spectators in the lives of the rich and famous, we tend to seek answers based on our limited knowledge and power of observation. We, who were fans, have been moved by the deaths of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon and David Carradine. Those of us who have to try to live our lives to the best of our ability, we are appalled by the acts of greed by Bernie Madoff and Mark Sanford.

However, the answer lies not in forensic tests or political subpoenas. It lies in our faith. The instruction guide for our lives is the Holy Bible. The scriptures annotated deal with these subjects in many different ways based on different occurrences. The common thread though is that our faith should be our guide to seek the ultimate prize: the favor of God.

No matter how many millions of dollars you can attain, honestly or dishonestly, no matter what access you have to the most decadent of earthly pleasures, nothing is more precious, more rewarding or more valuable than attaining the favor of the Creator of the Universe. It is the favor of God that provides us comfort in times of grief. It is the favor of God that gives us the sustenance to fight off illness and overcome setbacks. It is the favor of God that gives us peace.

The favor of God is more powerful than death or greed because it is divinely ordained. You cannot buy it. You cannot charm your way into it. You cannot manipulate others for it. It must be freely given by God and it must be freely received by His creation. It transcends death to give us eternal life with Him who brought us into this world.

Politicians, socialites and celebrities base their careers seeking the favor and approval of other humans and define their success by their level of approval. But just like everything else in this world, that is temporal and can come crashing down in an instant. It is the equivalent to building a house on a weak foundation.

Those of us who seek the favor of God will have a stronger foundation to live in this world and will attain the ultimate reward: eternal life with the Father. Our future depends on God's favor, therefore we should never settle for anything less. A pat on the back will make you feel good for a moment. The favor of God will endure forever.

Choose wisely.


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