Changed my mind

I had said that I was not going to write a blog about my anger over the small-minded mentality of some Americans who did not want their children to hear the President's message today. I changed my mind.

Here is the transcript of the speech:

I don't think a President asking young people to listen to their teachers and encouraging them not to drop out of school is a socialist agenda. I don't think promoting math and science to young children so that they may be the ones who discover the cure for cancer is a socialist agenda.

What I am most concerned about is an anarchist agenda. In Mississippi history, people named Lamar, Davis, Hinds and Clinton are immortalized as they challenged "The War of Northern Aggression" and the Reconstruction period, when African-Americans had political power in this state. When Obama won the election, children were told that they could not talk about the results of the election in Mississippi classrooms and now this. If I had to respect the 43 previous Presidents of the United States, then I would expect people to do the same with this one.

Now I know that narrow-minded behavior is not confined to Mississippi, but we, collectively, sure don't do anything to contradict it. After what happened to Van Jones over the weekend though, it is dangerous for me even to complain about it and express my frustration over it, but you know what, so be it.

If Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Mike Savage don't have to apologize, then I won't. If Fox News is allowed to have a broadcasting license, then I have the same right to call them cry babies or whatever else I want to. However, I will try my best to rise above the fray and this controversy will move off the radar screen within days now that the speech has been given.

I am just sad that the feelings expressed by my father a couple of weekends ago seem to be justified and the bitter pills I have endured all my life are continued to be forced down my throat.

Christians are taught that oppression comes in many earthly forms but it all comes from one source. Therefore, I cannot go wholeheartedly after people who choose to be vessels of discord, I have to renounce the one who is to blame. Nevertheless, when Jesus dealt with Peter before the crucifixion, He did tell him, "Get thee behind me, Satan!"

I'll end this rant with this: This is the United States of America. Barack Obama is our President. Get over it. Respect the position and the man given the opportunity to serve. Or else those that can't can take the advice that they so readily give to others that oppose their viewpoints: Leave!


  1. Hi Erik!

    As with all things of this system, I try to remain within the realm of what is in line with what God requires of me. I don't know the whole story as to why people took issue with the president's speech, but I do know that many presidents have made addresses specifically to the young of this nation.

    More important to me now is the hidden agendas surrounding the H1N1 vaccination. I have done extensive research into this whole debacle and have found several things that just don't click. In 1976 the swine flu was introduces along with a ready vaccination. The "project" was pulled because only 1 person died from the flu, but over 40 died from the vaccine. Now we have the WHO announcing a level 6 pandemic because 40 people died from the VACCINE which was delivered to Mexico....yes, from the VACCINE, not the disease. I hae looked at the ingredients in this vaccine which will be used this Fall and Erik, it is DEADLY! And NO one will actually discuss it publically in order to alert the public.

    Since the ones who financed this vaccine also control the major networks, they are certainly not going to allow this to come out; they have too much $ invested. The other thing is, there are 800, fully staffed camps, nation-wide which are set up like prisons, with incinerators, etc all for the purpose of "fall-out" from this man=made pandemic.

    So now, what is more important? That we listen to a speech, that we bicker over whether we have government-funded health insurance althouh most of us won't be alive if this weaponized vaccine is used? If the vaccine is safe (which NO vaccine is) why was a BIll passed to give the pharmaceutical companies immunity from prosecution for when people die from this vaccine?

    Now is the BIG question; why are Homeland Security and FEMA operating concentration camps for US citizens?

    All this information was sent to the Mississippi Senators over a month ago. Notone has responded. THis information was sent to Bennie Thompson, his response was to get on the local news and assure everyone that this deadly shot will be available to everyone for free.

    So Erik, what is really inportant here?

    God bless you,


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