To My Wife

It has been said that if a man finds a wife, it is a good thing. 364 days after you took the vow to be my wife, I would say that is an accurate statement. As you went off to work this morning, leaving with me with that soft kiss of yours, I just had to think about what a year it has been.

Before I go on, this has not been an easy journey. We have had our share of ups and downs in getting adjusted to each other, but if I had to give an overall assessment, I am honored to be your husband. Yes, you are quirky, but you are also a muse, one who inspires creativity and exudes beauty. One who makes people smile and the world a better place by your presence.

For everything I have done to upset you, I am sorry. For everything that I have done to make you smile, I am grateful for the opportunity. Many couples in this day and time never overcome their first year shock. Over half of all married couples in America end their relationship. I want to beat those odds.

I want to see marriage this time around as a never-ending journey. I want to uphold the vow of " 'til death us part". When I die, I want it to be said that you are the last woman I ever loved.

Never mind the fights or the hurt feelings. Never mind the shortcomings and disappointments. We are one and like fine wine, we, as a couple, will get better with time. After all, practice makes perfect.

Bottom line, I love you with all my heart. You are my joy and have been that way since the moment we met last June, that has not, nor will it ever change. Some compare the first year of marriage as surviving the whirlwind. Well consider us survivors. Congratulations.

On tomorrow, as everyone else will be giving thanks for what happened for them this year, I will have an additional reason to be thankful, and that is you.

Happy Anniversary, Gina!

May God continue to bless us, be with us and keep us together in His favor always.


  1. A tear-jerker! My husband is as poetic as you, and I too am truly thankful for him. Thomas S. Burns, Jr. is a wonderful man for me,to me, and with me. We believe our journey began actually at conception (we're only 3 days apart in birth) but others may say when we were 17 ~ we're still on this road TOGETHER so Hallelujah!! Happy Anniversary to you both.


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