Things are always changing in my world so much that I don't have time to comment on them all, especially when they happen. In addition, even though this is a blog about my life experiences and opinions, I have to consider some of the ramifications of sharing everything with the world. On that note, I wish to publicly apologize to my love for the last posting which seemed to affect her more than I realized. The forecast has changed from gloomy to partly sunny with bright horizons predicted for the future. If you read the last posting you know what I am saying without saying it.

Moving on, I am pleased about a couple of things that happened this past week. One, as the Winter Olympics culminate today with an epic battle in men's hockey, I am pleased that the projected American stars for these Games delivered. No, they did not dominate their events, or sport even, like Michael Phelps did, but they either won and/or medaled and they gave it their all. We won in events we hadn't in generations and rose above the "Blades of Glory" trash talking during the figure skating events. It was compelling television for the sports junkie coming down from his/her Super Bowl high and I pray that executives like Gary Betteman don't blow it for the 2014 Games in Russia. Commissioner, you know what I'm talking about.

The other event that pleased me was the summit on health care reform, hosted by the President at the Blair House in Washington, DC. I am glad that the President called it, and in turn, called the bluff of the F-O-X-N-E-W-S crowd. I am glad the Republican leadership showed up, especially the members who departed from the rhetoric and threw out specific ideas to make the legislation better.

Having sat in major policy hearings, conference committees and town hall meetings, I really appreciated the opportunity for many Americans to watch their government really work. Sure it may look like grandstanding, but I believe in the end we are going to see a major health care reform bill passed in this administration. There were many in the room who want to see the President fail in his attempt only for short-term political gain, but surely they know that the summit event itself did more to stop that goal from becoming a reality. No US President in my lifetime attempted to bring the conference committee experience into our living rooms before. I hope the American people appreciated the experience as much as I did, because it was for their long-term benefit.

Let me end this post on this note. When you have a chance to experience something great, take advantage of the opportunity. Don't let others dissuade you from doing what your gut tells you. Don't let fear of the unknown, or a lack of specific knowledge stop you from participating in greatness. Go forth and enjoy the moment because that is what life is all about.

Until next time, take care and be blessed!


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