My Predictions for 2011

I am not Nostradamus, but this should be interesting if they come true...

Tiger Woods will win a golf tournament
A Boston sports team will win a championship
Lindsay Lohan will have a breakout year
Jeff Bridges will win another Oscar
Brett Favre will stay retired
Congress will not cut entitlements and will not change Health Care Reform
The MS House of Representatives will become majority GOP
Haley Barbour will announce he is not running for President
Pakistan will declare war on the Taliban and Al-Quieda
Civil war will re-emerge in the Ivory Coast
North Korea will seek a peaceful solution with all Asian nations
Unemployment will drop below eight percent
Gasoline will go over $3.50
A HBCU basketball team will advance to the Sweet Sixteen
None of the major sports will be cancelled due to labor issues
The top movie of the year will be a romantic comedy
Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj will make an album together and dominate the pop charts
A National Merit Scholar will win a beauty pageant
Kim Khardasian will make over $6 million again
The OWN channel will be a success
Violent crimes will continue to decrease
No athlete will be accused of sexting
The top selling gospel album will out perform the top selling rap album
The EVO will surpass the iPhone
Twitter will be officially declared a news agency

OK, I did mine...have fun with yours and most importantly, have the best 2011 you can control!


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