Angry men need help

I am an angry man. My mistakes based on my anger have been documented. I am working every day of my life to keep my anger from becoming rage. Through counseling and spiritual guidance, I will succeed.

Knowing this and dealing with this leads me to this observation: Ray Rice needs help. He doesn't need a NFL career. He doesn't need a multiple-million dollar contract. He doesn't need endorsement deals. He needs help. And he needs to be open to that help.

You can criticize the wife if you want for staying, just remember you are being judged for your actions as well. I just pray her level of discernment is in tune with her level of forgiveness. I know that I have benefitted from that grace in my past and I believe that Ray will as well, but only if he gets help.

TMZ is what it is. If you are a public figure and you make a mistake, TMZ will obtain the video. Welcome to the media of the 21st Century. Stop blaming them for doing what they do to everyone. Instead, pray for Ray Rice to get help.

The NFL is a business. Business looks good, everyone looks good. Business looks bad, person(s) responsible suffers bad. Did they drop the ball and then fumble it some more when it hit the ground? YES!

Should we have expected that from a male dominated, machismo, misogynistic sport?
YES! But the economics of the female sports fan in America will straighten that out. Meanwhile, continue to pray for Ray Rice to get help.

Having seen the video myself, I can draw one conclusion: this is not the first time he has done this. If Ray Rice gets the help he needs, hopefully it will be the last. Ray Rice got paid well for being aggressive on the field, and now he is not getting paid because he was aggressive off of it. That is why even more so now, he needs help.

Bottom line: Mr. Rice, from one angry man to another, get help. Then take life one day, one moment, one situation, one decision at a time. I'm praying for you.


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