Still Altruistic

The narrowest of minds predicate political thought today. We have blind allegiance to political figures, cults of personalities if you will, rather than a true subscription to the ideals that define what America is. We degrade ourselves to make political points (Deplorables, 99percenters). Really?
Here is what I know. Most of the central figures in American politics are not Jimmy Stewart’s character in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” Far from it. The obvious detachment of the Federal District from the other 50 states is painfully measurable. Therefore, it is more productive to have permanent interests than permanent friends.
The integrity of the United States Constitution must be upheld. That is not up for discussion or debate. We cannot advocate for fascist shortcuts to justice and fairness regardless of who is in power. This is why the role and presence of truly engaged citizens is important. It is not about grandstanding or creating controversy when there is none.
When the US Constitution is violated, people should fight against the violation. When the Constitution needs defending, people need to stand up for it, more so than the Flag or the National Anthem, because those symbols are hollow without the US Constitution.
If you think people are poison because they disagree with you politically, you don’t get it. If you think people that people are automatically racist because they don’t agree with you, you don’t get it. The ideal of America is that within the confines defined in the Preamble of the US Constitution, the preservation of liberty and promoting the general welfare. Everyday political leaders must make decisions based on that criteria alone, balancing those principles out. Any major imbalance between those principles leads to a stagnation of ideas in public policy.
Ignorance is a harsh word to use on people. Misinformed and stubborn may be less harsh. But either way it goes, name calling and insults, no matter who throws them, or how many social media likes you get for them, does not reach consensus. Our country grows with positive debate and positive discourse. If you think otherwise, then look at the decline of our national politics. Why haven’t we found a solution to limit unemployment? Why haven’t we adapted to be more competitive globally? Why are we struggling in education? Why do we incarcerate more of our citizens than any other country in the world?
If your knee jerk reaction is to say liberals or conservatives, you’re both right and you’re both wrong. Nobody has a monopoly of good ideas, therefore nobody should have a monopoly of which voice should be heard. Good public policy is worked out, not force fed.
Another thought, everyone in the country feels disenfranchised. EVERYONE! Why is that? A deft lack of leadership. America is supposed to symbolize opportunity for everyone, period. When we have gotten to the place where everyone feels disenfranchised and they are blaming other disenfranchised people for their disenfranchisement, then you will have a long period of civil unrest. We cannot move forward that way. When an unarmed human being is gunned down by someone given the privilege to serve and protect us, we all should be bothered. A civil society is everyone’s responsibility. A safe society is everyone’s responsibility.
When a child is senselessly gunned down, everyone should be supportive of law enforcement to find the perpetrators.  Again, a civil society is everyone’s responsibility. A safe society is everyone’s responsibility.
Maybe one day, in the not-to-distant future, we may reach that mindset. Until then, we, the majority, have to navigate and move forward. I don’t have to agree with the President to be a patriot. But also as a patriot, I truly do not want to see the President fail.

I agree, I’m still altruistic. The America we live in is a long way from that society I envision. However, with hope still the high mark for which we press, maybe that which seems quixotic will become common logic, in due time.


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