The Strong-arm Blueprint


Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered and executed an invasion of a sovereign independent nation, Ukraine, the eighth largest country in Europe. The Western World has expressed their disdain for this invasion, but they are not surprised that this has happened. Currently, it seems, despite severe economic sanctions, leaders of those nations that support Ukraine’s sovereignty are unable to avert this invasion.

Donald Trump is watching, and so are his minions. Fox News talking heads have gone as far as to ask why is the United States upset with Russia for taking this invasive action, while at the same time criticizing President Biden for not stopping Putin. This blueprint that Putin has contrived to invade Ukraine is the one they want to follow if they attain full political power again. They want to outlaw protests that are not state-sanctioned. They want to control the press. They want to marginalize minorities, or groups they deem unfit. They want to occupy cities that they feel fester dissent.

You are saying that can’t happen here? The man who believes it can happen, and wants to implement this if given another opportunity to lead the nation, received 71 million votes in a losing effort, with nearly half of the nation’s population voting. It can happen. The only way it cannot happen is if the majority of Americans engage to make sure it doesn’t happen. There will always be the few and the proud amongst us that will challenge oppression every time it rears it’s ugly head, but we also tend to be the people in the aftermath of a struggle that say with hindsight confirming our vision, “I told you so!”. It has to be a collective effort this time around and for years to come, because oppression, especially in the form of white supremacy, will never go away quietly until it has been totally eradicated.

The world atrocity Putin has committed should be answered decisively. When Sadaam Hussein tried to reclaim Kuwait, his actions were met with swift and decisive force. But Putin is no Hussein, especially when he is sitting on the second largest nuclear arsenal in the world. However, his brutality and his thirst for totalitarianism should not go unpunished. If Russia wants to hack us, we should vociferously hack them. We’ve cutoff his assets, let’s cut off his access, sealing any border Europe has with Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Then instead of fighting the war he wants inside the boundaries of Ukraine, we should assist in taking the fight to him in the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg. If Putin wants to promote civil unrest in the United States, then he needs to deal with civil unrest in Russia.

You can’t just punch a bully to get him off of you, you have to beat the hell out of him.

How we respond to Putin will have big implications on the world stage, but the most important stage will be in the theater room of the Mar-A-Largo mansion. If we defeat totalitarianism for all the world to see, Trump will not have his blueprint to exact the same strategy within the boundaries of the United States. However, if we fail, then white supremacy will have another millennial foothold, not only in the United States, but the entire planet.

It is ironic that the country that has generationally benefitted from white dominance has to be the one to stop the global spread of it, but history dictates that is our role. It is like the recovering, but occasionally relapsing junkie having to destroy the overbearing, control hungry drug dealer that wants to poison the entire nation. Nevertheless, this is where we are in this moment in history. We cannot fail. We cannot allow Trump, Putin, or the many like them globally, to be successful any more. If we cannot save Ukraine, we cannot transform America. It may be trite to say that Ukrainian Lives Matter, but it is imperative to say that Ukrainian Sovereignty Matters. Our future as Black Americans depends on stopping Putin, because if we don’t, we know that there is one American that will see the strong-arm blueprint and use it on us when given another chance. If you truly believe that Black Lives Matter and are Relevant, then you do your part to make sure that the Biden Administration, the United Nations and NATO are successful, even if it is just being able to get on your knees and pray. 


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